Hurt on the Job? Don’t let Workers’ Comp Add Insult to Injury

The phrase to, “add insult to injury” is a well-known cliché that means to make a bad situation worse, or to make someone who just experienced injury or defeat to feel worse about the situation with one’s words.

Being hurt on the job and out of work is hard enough on its own. It is even more difficult if you try to navigate South Carolina’s complex Workers’ Compensation laws and deal with the insurance company without an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to fight for you.

Please do not be deceived; your employer’s workers’ compensations insurance representatives assigned to your case are not looking to compensate you fairly for your injuries. They are looking to save their insurance company money.

Below are just a few examples of how I have witnessed insurance companies attempt to add insult to injury of hard-working people after they were hurt on the job:

  • A school district’s insurance representative denied an elderly women treatment for her injuries she sustained falling down a flight of stairs after she dedicated over 40 years of her life to serving our children
  • A manufacturing plant’s insurance representative refused to authorize surgery for an injured worker despite the insurance company’s own recommended doctor saying that it was necessary and related to the injured worker’s repetitive movement on the employer’s assembly line.
  • A manufacturing plant denied an injured worker’s claim and attempting to force the worker to sign a letter of resignation after he tore a muscle in his abdomen lifting several large items on the plant floor.

These are real-life examples of some of my clients’ cases. All three of these cases involved hard working people who were injured after putting their bodies on the line to increase their employer’s bottom line. They deserved to be treated fairly by their employer’s insurance representatives, but they were not receiving an honest deal.

Fortunately, all three of these individuals retained me to fight the insurance company after they were treating unfairly, and I was able to force these same insurance companies to provide my clients with the medical treatment that they desperately needed. Further, I was able to secure max settlements in their cases that accounted for the disability stemming from their injuries and need for future medical treatment.

If you or a loved one were injured were hurt on the job, don’t let the insurance company add insult to injury. Contact me. I navigate South Carolina’s complex Workers Compensation laws on behalf of my clients, fight to make sure my they are treated fairly by the insurance companies and ensure that they receive maximum. Learn more about my services by visiting