What You Should Do if Your Friend or Loved one is Arrested

Finding out that a friend or loved one has just been arrested can be frightening and overwhelming. Besides being worried about them, you likely have countless questions and don’t know where to turn. As a criminal defense attorney, I often receive phone calls day and night from people seeking help to get their their loved one out of jail.

Here’s what you should do in the event a friend or loved one is arrested.

Figure out what the Criminal Charges are and What County They Were Arrested In

The first two things you should do after getting the news that a friend or loved one was just arrested is to figure out what the criminal charges are and in what county they were arrested. The first thing the lawyer you hire will want to know is what the person was arrested for. This information will allow the lawyer to get an idea of what type of bond the individual arrested will likely receive from the judge. You can find out what the criminal charges are by simply looking up the individual’s information on the website of the detention center where they are being held.

You also need to know in what county the arrest took place. This will allow the lawyer to know where the bond hearing will be and if they can assist you. For example, if your loved one was arrested in Georgia, you will need to contact a lawyer licensed to practice law in Georgia to assist you with obtaining a bond – not a lawyer only licensed to practice law in North Carolina.

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer

After you have figured out what the person was arrested for and what county they were arrested in, you should immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer. The individual who was arrested will eventually have a bond hearing, and it’s crucial that you contact a lawyer who can represent them at the bond hearing to ensure that they receive a reasonable bond.

Prepare Financially for Placing a Bond

Individuals arrested in South Carolina are generally eligible for bail/bond to secure their release pending a trial or plea unless there are exceptional circumstances. In most situations, the individual arrested will be required to pay a bond to secure their release. The problem is that with them being in jail and unable to make numerous phone calls or use the internet, it will be up to their friends and family to contact a bondsman and pay to secure their release. It’s important to make financial arrangements in advance of the bond hearing whether that’s gathering money from other friends and family to assist or making other financing arrangements.

If a friend or loved one of yours was recently arrested, contact me. I aggressively defend people throughout the entire State of South Carolina who have accused of committing a crime.