Listen to Your Doctor’s Instructions After a Car Wreck

Listening to the instructions a doctor gives you is always a good idea. However, it is crucial that you listen to your doctor after being injured in a car wreck.

I recently published a blog post entitled “Don’t Ruin Your Case!!” which discussed common things people do after being injured in a car wreck that make their case more difficult. The blog wasn’t an exhaustive list of all mistakes, so this article is discussing the importance of listening to your doctor following a wreck can be considered a supplement.

Pay Close Attention to Your Doctor’s Follow up Instructions

After seeking medical attention following a wreck, your doctor will likely give you instructions orally and/or on your discharge notes following your visit. Most of the times your doctor will instruct you to either follow back up with their office in a few days or weeks if you are still in pain or to follow up with your primary care physician.

Insurance Companies Will Use Lack of Following Your Doctor’s Instructions Against You

Insurance adjusters and insurance defense lawyers will later analyze your medical records to see if you followed your doctor’s instructions. They will use any noncompliance or deviation from your doctor’s instructions to undermine your case. In other words, if you don’t follow your doctor’s instructions, the insurance company will not value your case as highly because they will view your noncompliance as evidence that you weren’t that hurt.

Not Following Your Doctor’s Instructions Can Make a Huge Difference in the Value of Your Case

Following versus not following your doctor’s instructions after a wreck can mean the difference of thousands of dollars of compensation that you will need for your pain, suffering, medical expenses, and future medical care, so it’s crucial that you follow your doctor’s closely after being injured in a wreck.

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