What Are Your Values

I am honored to say that I was selected to participate in the 2019 American Association for Justice’s Leadership Academy. The American Association for Justice (“AAJ”) is the leading Plaintiff trial lawyer organization in the country.

AAJ’s Leadership Academy is a highly selective program that selects 16 Plaintiff Trial Lawyers from various parts of the country for professional development sessions designed to give the participants skills and techniques to make them effective leaders in professional settings, within AAJ and in their communities.

What Are Your Values?

The picture above is the select group of lawyers that were selected for the Leadership Academy. I’m honored to work with this fantastic group of lawyers from all over the country to find new ways to solve issues that our clients face and become more effective leaders in our communities.

During the first session of the Leadership Academy, we met in San Diego, California and took some time to really focus on what our values are. The values of Justice and Community were two high values on my value list.

Community and Justice

Community was defined as, “to serve and support a purpose that supersedes personal desires. To “make a difference.” Justice was defined as, “fairness, equality, and doing the right thing.”

The values of community and justice are key components of our work at Bailey Law Firm community and justice are key components of our work at Bailey Law Firm. What are some of the values that guide your life? I would love to hear them. Please share them directly with me by emailing me at [email protected].

If you have been harmed by the intentional or negligent conduct of someone, were recently injured on the job, or need a lawyer to fight for you, contact me. I fight for justice for members of our community all throughout the state of South Carolina and would be privileged to do so for you. To learn more about me and how I fight for justice for my clients, visit www.baileylawfirmsc.com.