Trust the Process

Being injured due to no fault of your own is one of the most frustrating things someone can experience. It happens suddenly, but what you go through afterward can be a lengthy process.

Your injury will likely affect different areas of your life. This can include missing time from work, attending doctor and therapy appointments, suffering from pain, not being able to participate in extracurricular activities, and all-around inconvenience.

As a personal injury trial lawyer, I guide my clients through the process from injury, to recovery, and ultimately a settlement or verdict. The most important thing you should do after getting injured due to no fault of your own is contacting an excellent personal injury trial lawyer. The second most important thing you must do after selecting your lawyer is “trust the process.” You may be asking what “trusting the process” means regarding personal injury cases. Good question. Here’s what “trusting the process” means.

Listen to Your Lawyer

Firstly, you should listen to the counsel your lawyer you selected gives you. A good lawyer has your best interest in mind, and the advice they give you will help you receive the results you want. For example, if your lawyer tells you that you should listen to your doctor’s instructions and complete therapy as recommended, it’s important that you do so because a good personal injury lawyer knows that the insurance company will try to low ball you if you don’t.

Listen to Your Doctors

I’ve written extensively on the importance of listening to your doctor’s instructions after being injured. I know it is incredibly inconvenient to have to attend physical therapy three days a week 8 to 12 weeks. However, your doctor is an expert at addressing the injuries of which you are suffering. Their plan implemented is meant to help you recover from your injuries.

Allow Your Lawyer to Gather all Necessary Documentation

After you have completed your medical treatment, your personal injury trial lawyer will often need to compile all of your medical records, medical bills, accident reports, future medical treatment costs projections, etc., before entering into negotiations with the insurance company.It can often take medical providers anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to transcribe your medical records/medical bills and send them to your lawyer. However, it’s important that your lawyer has all the information before submitting a demand to the insurance company and beginning negotiations.

Trust the Negotiation Process

Here is where trusting the process comes into fruition. After completing your medical treatment, and your lawyer has compiled all necessary documentation, you must trust your lawyer during negotiations. Don’t get moved by low-ball offers by the insurance company, or the back and forth of counteroffers.

If you have a good personal injury trial lawyer, they’ll be able to lead you through this process and will be able to advise you properly whether you should accept a settlement or file a lawsuit. The majority of personal injury cases today are settled out of court without the need for a trial. If you retain a top-notch personal injury trial lawyer and trust the process, your lawyer will more than likely be able to reach a settlement on your behalf that pleases you.

If you or a loved one was harmed or injured as a result of someone else due to no fault of your own, contact me for a free consultation. I fight to ensure that my clients receive maximum compensation from those who harmed you and would be honored to fight for you.