Car Wreck? Your Case is a Game of Offense

A High-Powered Offensive Attack Beats Defensive When it Comes to You Winning After Being Injured in a Car Wreck

I recently spent an evening watching the NCAA National Championship football game which featured the Clemson Tigers vs the LSU Tigers. Both teams featured great quarterbacks and high-powered offenses. I played football all through high school and received a college scholarship to play football at Hampton University. I was recruited as a defensive back and took joy in hard tackles and interceptions. However, despite being a former defensive player, I am a firm believer that football is truly a game of offense. I believe a great offense can beat a great defense 9 times out of 10.

Like football, a high-powered offensive attack beats defensive when it comes to you winning after being injured in a car wreck. I believe in acting quickly and always being on the offensive is best when it comes to my representation of my clients that were injured in car wrecks. While sometimes how quickly a case resolves is out of my hands, I believe in doing everything in my power to stay on the offensive from start to finish in my representation of those injured in car wrecks. Here’s why:

Waiting for the Insurance Company is Frustrating

If you’re injured after a wreck, there is nothing more frustrating than waiting around and being on the insurance company’s timeline. I don’t wait for the insurance company. Rather, at Bailey Law Firm, we send demands to the insurance company and give them a certain amount of days to respond. If they don’t respond, we immediately file a lawsuit and push the case as quickly as possible for a trial date.

Time Wounds all Deals

There is a saying in deal making that “time wounds all deals.” This means that the more time goes on with inaction, the more opportunity there is for a deal to fall apart. For example, I act quickly to make sure photographs of property damage are taken, all witnesses are contacted, and my clients receive the medical treatment they need immediately after they select me as their lawyer. If you wait to act on these things, your case very well may be ruined when witnesses later relocate, cars are repaired and no longer look the way they did after a wreck and there has been a significant gap between the time of the wreck and you seeking medical treatment.

Being on the offensive shows the insurance company you mean business

Insurance company can tell that thet are going up against a lawyer who knows what they’re doing by the since of urgency the lawyer displays. Long delays with inaction demonstrate to the insurance company that the lawyer either doesn’t know what he’s doing or doesn’t care about the case. Both can be detrimental to the end result of the case.

If you are a loved one was injured as a result of a reckless or negligent driver, don’t wait for the insurance company, contact me. I act quickly and I fight to ensure that my clients receive maximum compensation for their injuries. To learn more about me and my work fighting for injured victims,