Protecting the Most Vulnerable Amongst Us

We recently welcomed a baby boy to my family and watching my son has reminded me that we all have a moral obligation to play our part in protecting the most vulnerable amongst us. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines vulnerable as being capable of being physically or emotionally wounded. As members of a civilized society we should do everything we can to protect people who are susceptible to being physically wounded.

You don’t have to be a superhero to protect the vulnerable. For example, each of us can protect the vulnerable by following the rules of the road that our society has put in place to protect others. Here are few of the rules of the road you can follow to help protect the vulnerable.

Don’t Text and Drive

Distracted driving claims countless lives annually. Texting and driving places not only yourself at risk, but everyone else on the road.

Don’t Drink and Drive

One person is killed every 50 minutes in the United States due to drinking while driving accidents. Every two minutes, someone is injured in a drunk driving accident. If you’ve had one too many drinks, do everyone a favor don’t drive.

Dive the Speed Limit in School Zones

School zone speed limits are meant to protect kids who are likely to be playing in the area. Driving over the speed limit places all nearby children in jeopardy. Drive the speed limit in school zones to protect unsuspecting children. It’s the least that you can do.

Avoid Road Rage

Avoid any urge you have to engage in road rage. I know it may anger you if someone cuts you off on the road, but resist engaging in road rage. Road rage typically involves conduct like following too closely, speeding to try to catch up to a driver that angered you, and doing all sorts of things that aren’t safe. Keep your cool and drive in a safe manner at all times on the road!

These are just a few simple things all of us can do while driving to protect the vulnerable. I count it a privilege to fight for the rights of the injured and the vulnerable everyday in my work as a trial lawyer. If you are a loved one was injured as a result of a reckless or negligent driver, contact me. I fight to ensure that my clients receive maximum compensation for their injuries and will guide you through your case from beginning to end. To learn more about my work protecting the vulnerable, visit