Child Day Care Injuries

I recently wrote a blog post entitled protecting the most vulnerable amongst us that discusses simple things we all can do to make our communities safer places. One way I protect the most vulnerable amongst us at Bailey Law Firm is by representing children injured due to the negligence of child day care facilities.

Child Day Care Injuries

Child day care facilities in South Carolina are required to follow several rules and regulations that are in place to protect children from being harmed. Unfortunately, often times child day care facilities fail to follow these rules and regulations, and as a result children are often harmed. Below I generally will discuss a few rules and regulations child day care facilities in South Carolina are required to follow.

Proper Supervision

There are several regulations in place that require infants and toddlers to be directly supervised by child day care facility staff members. This means that a staff member must be in the same room or area as the children, and that the children must be in their sight at all times. There should never be a situation where child day care staff members do not know how a child was injured at their facility. The supervision requirements are meant to prevent this situation from happening. Thus, it’s pretty clear that a day care facility violated the supervision requirement if your child was injured at the facility and staff members are not able to tell you what happened as their eyes should always be on your child.

Staff to Child Ratios

There are also rules that require that the ratio of staff members supervising infants and toddlers be kept to a controllable level. For example, a one staff member should not be in a situation where they are charged with supervising over five (5) infants under the age of one (1). Also, one staff member cannot supervise over twenty (20) children ages five to six by themselves. The ratio regulations are meant to avoid situations where one staff member has too much on their plate to adequately supervise the children. Situations when the ratios are off frequently result in children sustaining injuries as a result of not being properly supervised.

I Can Help You if Your Child Was Injured at a Day Care

There is no worse feeling as a parent than discovering that your child was hurt, and you were not there to help them. I take great pride in representing injured children and their families. By initiating these cases we are forcing child day care facilities to become safer facilities in the future by making them review the rules, regulations, and internal policies that were not properly followed and resulted in a child being harmed.

If your child was injured or harmed as the result of a child day care facility’s negligence, please do not hesitate to contact me. It would be my privilege to represent your family. To learn more about Bailey Law Firm, L.L.C., visit our website at