Three Things to Avoid Doing After a Wreck

Knowing what you shouldn’t do after a car wreck is almost if not more important that knowing what you should do. Doing the following three things are highly likely to hurt your case.

Do Not Post About Your Car Wreck or Injuries on Social Media

Do not post about your car wreck on social media. The at-fault insurance companies’ representatives will search your social media profile for posts that contradict any claims for injuries, even if you believe your page is private! For example, I often see people post a photograph on social media of their car completely totaled after a wreck with a comment that says something like, “I’m so thankful that I walked away from this with no injuries.” A week later after their injuries have set in and they realize that they were actually injured in the wreck and would like to bring a case for their injuries. While they can still bring a case, they will now have to overcome the issues created by their social media post in which they exclaimed to the world that they were not injured in the wreck in the immediate moments after the wreck that can be used as evidence.

Do Not Sign a Medical Authorization for the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company

After a wreck it is common for the at-fault driver’s insurance company to send you a letter in the mail with a medical authorization requesting that you sign the authorization so they can take care of your medical bills from the wreck. You should not sign this medical authorization. The insurance company is asking that you sign a medical authorization so they can look through irrelevant past medical records in an attempt to make an argument that your injuries are preexisting and/or are related to a prior incident. Do not sign this medical authorization!

Don’t Try to Take on the Insurance Company by Yourself

The biggest mistake I see people injured in a car wreck make is trying to take on the insurance company by themselves. Even if you make the mistakes I just mentioned, an experienced personal injury lawyer can work around your errors to make a presentable case to the insurance company and/or a jury. You should focus on recovering from your injuries and let a legal professional fight with the insurance company.

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of the negligent driver in a car wreck, contact me. I fight to make sure my clients are treated fairly by the insurance company and that they receive maximum compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering.