What Are Some of the Most Common Causes of Trucking Accidents?

Those involved in wrecks with 18-wheeler trucks can suffer catastrophic, life changing injuries. These injuries can include broken bones, paralysis, concussions and even brain injuries. While some are fortunate enough to suffer less significant injuries, others sometimes never recover both physically and emotionally after being hit by an 18-wheeler.

Most trucking accidents can be avoided if truck drivers follow the rules and regulations they’re required and are simply be mindful to drive carefully. Here are some of the most common ways trucking accidents occur on the road.

Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is a common cause of trucking accidents. Being a truck driver is a high pressure and high stress job. Truck drivers are on tight timelines and are required to deliver goods to a certain destination within a certain time. This means truck drivers are driving long distances with few breaks. Furthermore, they’re often on the road for several days at a time and do not get enough sleep. This leads to truck drivers being sleep deprived and exhausted which hampers their concentration and ability to keep their big rig under control on the road. Despite their being laws and regulations stating how many hours a truck driver can drive in a shift, when sleep is required, and when rest must be taken, driver’s and their companies often do not follow them and are common causes of trucking accidents.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a problem everywhere, but it can be even a bigger problem for truck drivers and is often a common denominator in trucking accidents. If you have ever been on a long road trip, you know that long distance driving can be boring. Unfortunately, an undisciplined truck driver can let the boredom of the long-distance driving get to them and engage in activity that takes their eyes off of the road such as, texting, scrolling on social media, and even watching YouTube videos. One second of a truck driver’s eyes off of the road can mean a life changing disaster for unsuspecting motorists.


Speeding is another common factor in trucking accidents. There is immense pressure in the trucking industry for quick deliveries. Our society has grown accustomed to things like two-day delivery, next day delivery, and same day delivery. This adds to the already high stress and pressure for truck drivers to make deliveries as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this also contributes to truck drivers speeding in their attempts to make quick deliveries, often traveling at reckless speed levels to make it to their destinations.

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