Is Negligent Security to Blame for Your Injuries?

If you are injured or otherwise harmed at a place of business, you may face high medical bills and other expenses. While it’s true that accidents happen, these events are often the fault of business owners. The failure of property managers to adequately protect their visitors is called negligent security. If you are found to be a victim of this negligence, you are entitled to compensation.

Recognizing Negligent Security

How can you tell the difference between negligent security and misfortune? This dilemma can be broken down into two crucial evaluating questions:

  • Has the business owner taken all reasonable measures to protect their patrons?
  • Have they provided clear warnings about any remaining dangers?

If an owner fails to stay up-to-date with fire safety protocols, for example, they have played a role in creating an unsafe environment. If a storefront is a frequent site of physical attacks and the owner fails to improve night lighting, they are knowingly bringing patrons into harm’s way.

Introducing a Negligent Security Case in South Carolina

Bringing forward a negligent security case can be intimidating, as you are faced with the task of having to prove the owner’s inaction. Having a strong legal team on your side is crucial as you work through the process of collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and filing a civil action.

South Carolina’s courts pay special attention to the burden placed on businesses compared to the risk posed to customers. Businesses are not typically expected to make expensive investments to mitigate a low-risk scenario. In Columbia, courts will gauge whether the incident you experienced should have been foreseen by owners. If others have experienced similar accidents to you with no action on the part of the business owners, you’ll likely have a strong case.

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