What is a Negligent Security Case?

What does Negligent Security even mean?

Negligent security cases occur when a business or a property owner fails to protect the public from a risk of harm that the owners knew the public was at risk for. This may sound like a lot, but simply put, it’s when somebody has some property or they own a store, a restaurant, a club, a concert venue, etc., and they fail to protect the public from harm that they, as the owner, knew the public was at risk for.

Negligent security could occur in multiple types of public places, such as

  • Parking garages or parking lots
  • Apartment complexes
  • Big stores like Walmart, Target, or Family Dollar
  • Sporting events
  • Nightclub or a bar

In those situations, the property owners and the business owners have a duty to protect the public from harm that they may be at risk for when they’re on their property. I can give you a few examples of negligent security cases, and just so you have an understanding how they may occur. Let’s say, for example, you’re a restaurant or a bar, and you stay open to late hours of the night, or early hours of the morning. At this establishment, you do not have bouncers to check people coming in and out of your bar, or your club, or your restaurant where you know there’s alcohol. You also know you may have people who may act up when they’re under the influence of alcohol. In those situations, you could have a fight break out where somebody tries to pull out a weapon to shoot or a knife to stab the person they’re fighting.

Negligent Security can harm anyone in a multitude of ways

It could harm somebody else who is literally simply at the restaurant, at the bar, at the club. They were just innocently there, but they were harmed because the owner of that venue didn’t properly pat down people when they came in. They didn’t have bouncers there to make sure that if anybody got out of hand, they were ejected from the club, or the restaurant, the bar, or maybe didn’t have a police presence when they knew they should have a police presence there to deter conduct like fights, shootings, or other situations that could harm people who were at the restaurant, who were at their bar, who are at their concert.

It could also happen in a parking lot or an apartment where they do not have proper lighting. They should know that people who are walking to their cars at night are simply trying to get in and get out. They don’t know there could be somebody who’s hiding down the corner, trying to rob them. Because they didn’t have proper lighting at their parking lot or parking garage, it forces the public to be vulnerable to a robbery, to an assault, to a rape, to anything that’s harmful of a similar nature. It could also even happen at large stores like a Walmart or a Target. And let’s say they did not have proper security at fitting rooms and you could have a young child who’s using the fitting room, and they’re harmed by an adult male who uses the lack of security at the fitting room to their advantage to commit a crime.

Trust Bailey Law Firm for your Negligent Security case

Those are just some examples of how negligent security can occur. I pray that you are never a victim to any type of crime, violent crime, or harm as a result of negligent security. If you are, or you know of somebody who has been, or just you know someone who may benefit from this message, please share it with them. I help victims of crime, victims of negligent security all throughout South Carolina. So if you need me, feel free to reach out to me. I’m Tyler Bailey, I’m the founder of Bailey Law Firm. Visit my website, baileylawfirmsc.com. And you can always reach me over the phone at any time at 803-667-9716.