Injured at Work in South Carolina? Here’s How a Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Help

If injured or hurt while working, then you may find yourself eligible for compensation. However, the challenge of navigating through South Carolina Worker’s compensation laws and dealing with your employer’s insurance representatives who are out to save money may end up frustrating you. Also, your employer may dispute your right to a claim, therefore, frustrating your efforts, and you may end up being denied workers compensation or being insufficiently compensated.

However, with a worker’s compensation lawyer, you are assured of having a successful compensation claim. Here’s how a workers compensation lawyer like Bailey law firm can help you after being injured at work.

What Does the Law Provide?

There are remedies for a person injured at work in South Carolina. The statute that provides a safeguard is the workers compensation act which provides for compensation in the form of medical coverage and expenses for lost time. This is to ensure that workers are catered for in case of accidents taking place in the workplace.

What Does the Lawyer Do?

With the complex procedures, the work of a workers compensation lawyer is imperative in ensuring that you have a successful claim. This is through:

Beating the Deadline

You may not be aware of the limitation period to filing a worker’s compensation claim. To file within the required timeframe of two years requires you to grasp the complicated rules and procedures of the workers compensation act of South Carolina. Working with a worker’s compensation lawyer helps you avoid bringing a stale claim in pursuit of compensation.

Expounding the Law

In the absence of legal representation, you may find it challenging to understand your rights and your claims’ legal aspect. However, as a critical step in your claim, a workers compensation lawyer will elucidate this with simplicity. This enables you to understand the extent of your claims and some of the benefits you deserve.


For many workers injured at work in South Carolina, information regarding the circumstances leading to the injury or harm tends to be irrelevant, hence lacking documentation. However, a workers compensation lawyer undertakes to collect relevant information such as witness statements, medical records, and accident reports to establish a firm foundation of your legal claim.

Computing Benefits

The worker’s compensation act of South Carolina is tricky. Therefore, you may end up having difficulties trying to understand the amount of money you are entitled to. However, with a qualified lawyer, you can know how weekly benefits are computed in accordance with the law. Also, your wage benefits are easily determined.

Navigating through Complex Procedures with Ease

Indeed, the rules and procedures to pursuing a disputed compensation claim are difficult. With proper and relevant documents, a lawyer helps establish a valid claim to your case in the SC workers compensation commission. Essentially, the lawyer prepares you and other witnesses to testify during the hearing process where necessary. 
Also, depositions from experts such as physicians in support of your claim are properly aligned to meet your claim’s demands.

What about Settlements?

While your lawyer works hard to ensure you are fairly compensated, the lawyers might also undertake settlements with the insurance company to ensure that you are fully compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, and lost earning capacity. This helps improve your living condition. Therefore, the work of lawyers can’t be written off easily.

If you’ve been injured on the job and are looking to file a claim for compensation, don’t hesitate to contact us. Not being able to work because of a workplace injury is a confusing time. Let Bailey Law Firm help make sense of things with you.