The Importance of Obtaining a Police Report in Columbia, SC

The moments immediately following an accident can be characterized by
confusion, stress and physical pain. This usually makes it difficult to
know exactly what actions to take. Obtaining a police report in Columbia, SC can play an important part in helping you prove your claim. But how important is this document to your case?

Here’s what you need to know.


A police accident report
is a document generated by the officer who responds when you request
for assistance after an accident. The report summarizes the details of
the accident. It contains both facts and the neutral opinions of the law
enforcement officer. In Columbia, any car accident that results in
injuries or fatalities should be reported immediately to the police.


A police report will usually not be used in court. However, the
document can be very useful when negotiating personal injury
settlements. Here is why obtaining a police report in Columbia, SC is

Documents the incident

A police report contains details such as the date, time and location
of the accident. This can be helpful in case a negligent driver tries to
avoid responsibility by claiming the incident did not happen.

Contains contact details

The report will include contact information of all parties involved,
their insurance company and information about witnesses. This
information will be important when filing a claim and in the event that
the case goes to trial.

Statements from all involved parties

The responding officer will ensure the report includes statements
from you, the other parties and any witnesses. Incriminating statements
and other related information will help to determine the party that was
at fault for the accident.

Description of what occurred

A police report contains an account of what happened and the
officer’s conclusions regarding who was at fault. This includes details
such as weather conditions, other factors that could have contributed to
the incident, injuries suffered and damages to vehicles. The report can
also include a diagram and photographs of the accident scene. These can
be used as evidence when pursuing a claim.

Useful in settlement negotiations

Police accident reports are reliable, unbiased documents that can
show the severity of an accident. The information contained in the
report will be valuable when negotiating with an insurance company,
ultimately helping you to get a fair accident settlement.

In addition to obtaining a police report, you should hire a personal injury lawyer.
The legal expert can help you pursue a successful claim and ensure you
get the financial compensation you deserve. At Bailey Law Firm, we have
experienced lawyers who will gather the relevant evidence and help you
build a strong legal case. Contact us if you are in need of legal assistance.