Stop Car Damage Before It Happens

Car damage is an unfortunate risk of being on the road. While you can’t control every situation or scenario, there are things you can do to protect yourself from car damage. Being more mindful of your surroundings can be a huge help in all situations.

When behind the wheel

Don’t drive distracted. Stay off your phone and definitely do not text and drive. If you have to text, then pull over to do so safely.

Don’t drive if you’re too sleepy. Falling asleep at the wheel is extremely dangerous. Make sure you’re alert when you drive.

Follow all the laws when on the road. Stop for ambulances or fire trucks. Slow down when there is a car on the side of the road. Try to merge to a different lane if a police officer has stopped a vehicle.

Use hazard lights when necessary. In very bad weather, use the hazard lights to let other cars see where you are. This will help to prevent a wreck.

Drive smart. Do not do the following when on the road:

  • Follow too closely to other drivers
  • Change lanes or make turns without a turn signal
  • Use your brakes suddenly or too hard
  • Drive too fast on wet roads
  • Drive fast in construction areas
  • Cut other drivers off

When off the road

Car damage can happen to you even if you’re not driving. Stay vigilant when parking to avoid unnecessary damage.

When parking:

  • Try to park under a carport or other cover to avoid weather damage to your windshield
  • Don’t park under or close to trees
  • Avoid parking in busy areas
  • If parallel parking, get as close to the curb as possible to avoid damage from other vehicles
  • Use hazard lights if necessary when pulling off the side of the road

Theft is another possibility that would damage your car. While you ultimately can’t eliminate this risk, try to minimize the threat of it.

  • Don’t keep valuables in your car
  • Don’t leave anything in plain sight that would attract thieves
  • Always lock your car
  • If you can, get GPS tracking on your vehicle. If it’s stolen, you can then track it.

If you’ve been the victim of car damage or have been involved in an automobile accident, contact Bailey Law Firm.