9th Grade Student Got Physically Assaulted at School for not saying Pledge of Allegiance

Marissa Barnwell and her family are taking a big stand against Lexington School District One as they pursue legal action in Columbia, SC. On Thursday March 9th 2023, the River Bluff High School student along with her parents and me as their lawyer held an important news conference to discuss details of this high profile case.

Speaking at a press conference Thursday, Barnwell said that she was “completely and utterly disrespected,” and no one should ever have gone through what she experienced. She further mentioned – “I have never seen this lady a day in my life, so when she approached me so angry and so upset, I had not known what to react to her,” Barnwell said. “So she approached me, she grabbed me, she pushed me up against the wall, and I was not prepared for that.” As their attorney, I will do everything I can do to bring justice to Marissa and her family.