Tyler Bailey- A Solo Practitioner With a Passion for Service

I always enjoyed my journey as a solo practitioner. Recently, I got an opportunity to share my story on Super Lawyers. Read the glimpse of that story below –

I am a passionate solo practitioner from Columbia who has followed in his parent’s footsteps in service-oriented work. From an early age, I was inspired to use my skills and knowledge to help others before myself. With a long history of dedication to the cause, I become renowned as an expert in the field of solo practice. My story is one of determination, hard work, and ambition – all qualities that have made me successful in my career path.

However, my life was never a straight line. Despite many perceived obstacles, I started my own law firm to the dismay of more comfortable opportunities. I decided to pursue my passion for business and serve others through that lens. I took the road less traveled, attending Hampton University on a football scholarship where I studied business management and took a business law course. Fast forward to graduation day at Southern University Law Center and my study partner asked me where I was sending résumés – “nowhere” I replied.

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