What is a Negligent Security Case?

What does Negligent Security even mean? Negligent security cases occur when a business or a property owner fails to protect the public from a risk of harm that the owners knew the public was at risk for. This may sound like a lot, but simply put, it’s when somebody has some property or they own […]

Are You Entitled to a Bond in South Carolina?

I’ve been accused of a crime. Will I receive a bail? Let’s talk about bonds, and whether you’ll receive a bail for whatever crimes that you’ve been accused of committing. I’m Tyler Bailey, the founder and managing attorney at Bailey Law Firm, and I represent people who’ve been accused of committing crimes all throughout South […]

Search and Seizure – Understanding Your 4th Amendment Rights

The Constitution serves to provide citizens of the United States with specific rights. The 4th Amendment helps protect your privacy no matter where you are. There are both safeguards and exceptions to the constitutional right. Here is what you need to know about the 4th Amendment.  What is the 4th Amendment? The 4th Amendment prevents people from experiencing unreasonable […]

How We Get Civil Justice for Crime Victims

I want to talk to you about the work that we do here, representing survivors and victims of crime all throughout South Carolina and helping them receive maximum financial compensation from the wrongdoers that harm them, regardless of what the criminal justice system decides to do. We help people who’ve been sexually assaulted, raped, victims […]

Is Negligent Security to Blame for Your Injuries?

If you are injured or otherwise harmed at a place of business, you may face high medical bills and other expenses. While it’s true that accidents happen, these events are often the fault of business owners. The failure of property managers to adequately protect their visitors is called negligent security. If you are found to […]