How You Can Avoid Getting Sued

A lawsuit can be potentially challenging for anyone. This is based on the fact that you may incur costs during the process, and at the same time, you risk being subjected to potential penalties if found liable. That being said, it is imperative to take measures to protect yourself from the risks of a lawsuit. […]

How We Get Civil Justice for Crime Victims

I want to talk to you about the work that we do here, representing survivors and victims of crime all throughout South Carolina and helping them receive maximum financial compensation from the wrongdoers that harm them, regardless of what the criminal justice system decides to do. We help people who’ve been sexually assaulted, raped, victims […]

Is Negligent Security to Blame for Your Injuries?

If you are injured or otherwise harmed at a place of business, you may face high medical bills and other expenses. While it’s true that accidents happen, these events are often the fault of business owners. The failure of property managers to adequately protect their visitors is called negligent security. If you are found to […]

How Can a Civil Rights Lawyer in South Carolina Help You?

Injustice and human rights violations happen every single day in our society. It’s often in the form of discrimination against an individual or unfairly denying a person certain opportunities and services because of prejudice. This is why a civil rights lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina can help individuals get the justice they deserve. What is […]

What are Punitive Damages?

Punitive damages are one of the categories of damages that you may be entitled to collect depending on the facts of your case. Generally speaking, punitive damages are compensation awarded to an injured party that is intended to punish the other person for, particularly egregious or outrageous behavior.