What Do I Do If I Am Hurt On The Job

On-the-job injuries can be very unpredictable. The injuries can also be disruptive to your way of life and become a burden to both you and your family — medically and financially. As such, you should know how to file a workers' compensation claim with the help of an injury lawyer. In the event you get […]

What Do I Do After A Car Crash?

What to Do After A Car Crash? We all love our rides. The show-off, thrill, and speed go hand in hand. Despite all the safety measures, sometimes accidents happen when you least expect them. What happens after you're involved in a car wreck? As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, more than 6 million […]

Why You Need a Professional Columbia Personal Injury Attorney After a Car Accident

Numerous car accidents happen daily in Columbia, SC. Apart from sustaining physical injuries from a car accident, you can also suffer economic and emotional consequences. If your auto accident and injuries stemmed from another motorist's negligence, you might need help from a reputable personal injury attorney. A reputable attorney plays an integral part when making […]

What is a Negligent Security Case?

What does Negligent Security even mean? Negligent security cases occur when a business or a property owner fails to protect the public from a risk of harm that the owners knew the public was at risk for. This may sound like a lot, but simply put, it’s when somebody has some property or they own […]