What is a Negligent Security Case?

What does Negligent Security even mean? Negligent security cases occur when a business or a property owner fails to protect the public from a risk of harm that the owners knew the public was at risk for. This may sound like a lot, but simply put, it’s when somebody has some property or they own […]

Will My Insurance Premiums Increase if I File a Claim Against My Insurance?

Unfortunately, the short answer to this question is that, your insurance company will likely raise the rates of your insurance premiums regardless of fault and even if you don’t file a claim against your own insurance company. Fortunately, the compensation you receive from your insurance company in these situations should offset any increase in your insurance premiums.

Child Day Care Injuries

Child day care facilities in South Carolina are required to follow several rules and regulations that are in place to protect children from being harmed. Unfortunately, often times child day care facilities fail to follow these rules and regulations, and as a result children are often harmed. Here I generally will discuss a few rules and regulations child day care facilities in South Carolina are required to follow.