Getting Through a Marijuana Charge in Columbia, SC

In Columbia, SC, marijuana is considered illegal, and possession of the drug can get you in a lot of trouble. Your custody, cultivation, or distribution of marijuana attracts severe charges. As such, being arrested for marijuana possession can be a very confusing experience for you and your family. Your best shot at making it through been charged with marijuana in Columbia is having legal representation from a professional criminal defense attorney.

What Amount of Marijuana Can Get Me into Trouble?

You can face grievous charges for possessing even the smallest amount of marijuana in Columbia, SC. Here are the most common charges (and the penalties) marijuana attracts in Columbia, SC.

1. Simple Possession of Marijuana

Possession of Less than one ounce of marijuana in Columbia, SC, is classified as a minor offense. However, you could face up to one year in jail with a fine exceeding 1000 dollars based on the circumstances.

2. Possession With Intent to Distribute Marijuana

Being arrested for possession of anything above one ounce of marijuana attracts severe charges. The penalties attracted depend on the amount of marijuana and the circumstances of the arrest. However, you could face up to 25 years in prison and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

How Can I Make it Through a Marijuana Charge in Columbia, SC?

Handling a marijuana charge in Columbia, SC, can be complicated. However, contacting Bailey Law Firm is all you need to do to make it through the charge. At Bailey, we believe in being there for you in your time of need.

Our attorney understands the legal process and is experienced both in defense and in prosecution. He has worked on complex cases alongside renowned lawyers and judges. Therefore, he knows what it takes to win your case. He will examine the circumstances surrounding your marijuana charge in Columbia, SC, to ensure respect for your legal rights. Contact us to schedule your free appointment and let us help you win your case