Justice for Crime Victims

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Justice for Crime Victims

justice for crime victims

Justice for Crime Victims

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$50,000 Settlement for Woman Spied On in Dressing Room

Rape, sexual assault, robbery, police brutality, and vehicular homicide are just a few heinous crimes that leave their victims and their families with physical injuries and emotional damage that can last a lifetime.

While those responsible for these acts are often prosecuted for their crimes, sometimes the State chooses not to pursue criminal charges. In other instances, even when criminal charges are brought, the outcome does not always end with favorable results for the victim or their family.

If you were a victim of a crime, you may be able to sue the perpetrator as well as other responsible and negligent third parties in civil court. At Bailey Law Firm, we help crime victims and their families take back their lives through the civil justice system. While we cannot change what happened, we help crime victims obtain justice and financial compensation directly from the perpetrators, property owners, and responsible and negligent third parties regardless of what the prosecutors do in criminal court.
At Bailey Law Firm, Attorney Tyler D. Bailey and his team can help crime victims and their families through the civil justice system obtain justice in various types of cases. Including but not limited to:

  • Negligent Security/Premise Liability – Owners and operators of businesses and other properties have a duty to provide safe premises for their patrons and enact safety measures to prevent them from being harmed. When business operators fail to properly protect their patrons, patrons are susceptible to becoming victims of crimes ranging from sexual assault to robbery.
  • Justice for Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, and Rape Survivors – We obtain justice for survivors of these heinous crimes by holding the perpetrators and third parties who looked the other way or failed to prevent the crimes accountable for their actions, forcing them to provide financial relief to the victims.