What Do I Do If I Am Hurt On The Job

On-the-job injuries can be very unpredictable. The injuries can also be disruptive to your way of life and become a burden to both you and your family — medically and financially. As such, you should know how to file a workers’ compensation claim with the help of an injury lawyer. In the event you get hurt at work, you could be temporarily or permanently out of work. Therefore, keep records of all the medical bills and other expenses incurred in the duration you’re not working. These records will help when you’re applying for workers’ compensation benefits to help you recover after a workplace injury.

Report the Injury

While some employers(depending on the state) require their employees to report workplace accidents or incidents causing bodily harm within 24 hours, others, especially in Columbia, SC, offer up to 90 days from the date of the injury. Ensure you inform your supervisor as soon as you get hurt at work to avoid the possibility of your claim being denied.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Ascertain you visit the doctors selected by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider — and not your own, when seeking medical attention. Also, confirm the doctor’s notes (in your first visit) that you were hurt on the job in your medical notes.

File the Claim

After reporting your injury to your employer, the employer should file the claim with the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission(SCWCC). If they refuse to report, fail to acknowledge your injury as work-related, or you believe you didn’t receive all the benefits you were entitled to, you can file your own claim with the SCWCC.

Seek Legal Assistance

The workers’ compensation process can be draining. That said, insurance adjusters can use the information you submit against you. Be very careful! Additionally, it’s possible to file the claim on your own and seek compensation without involving a workers compensation attorney in Columbia, but at what cost? If you’re not receiving the treatment you deserve, your injuries are severe, or your benefits have been denied, reach out to an injury lawyer.

Bottom Line

To ensure your rights are protected during the workers’ compensation process, contact Bailey Law Firm. We will make certain you get the proper medical specialist, make sure your temporary or total disability benefits get started, and get your prescriptions approved by the insurance providers. Also, we will confirm your compensation rate with the right government institutions. Our calls and consultations are free of charge, well, unless you win! Reach out to us and we will eagerly assist.