What Is A Civil Rights Lawyer And When Do You Need One?

As a civil rights lawyer, I count it an honor and a privilege to fight for the rights of people

who have been subject to an injustice that violates their civil rights. Our laws provide each one of us with certain rights and privileges guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

These unalienable rights include the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately,

every day countless citizens’ civil rights are violated and come under target by politicians,

police departments, school districts, government bodies, hate groups, and other organizations.

Seeking justice and accountability can seem like an impossible feat to accomplish when you

are trying to take on powerful organizations like police departments, school districts, and

governments that have violated your constitutional rights. However, Civil Rights Lawyers

stand up and fight for people to ensure their rights are protected against violations of their civil

rights and liberties.

It is my hope that you never have to enlist the services of a civil rights lawyer. However,

it is essential to know that your constitutional rights are sacred, and you have the right to hold

those accountable and seek just compensation in the event your civil rights are violated. The

most common civil rights violations involve allegations of the color of law violations which are

crimes committed by people deputized by law, such as police officers when they willfully deprive

a person of a right or privileged protected by the Constitution or Laws of the United States.

Here are some examples of common civil rights cases that I have had the distinct honor

and the privilege of fighting for my clients to give you a better example of what a civil rights case

looks like in real life.

These are just a few civil rights cases I have handled for my clients. A civil rights case

could also involve employment cases, such as situations in which service or employment is

denied to a person due to their race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, or religion.

Taking on big and powerful organizations on your own, like police departments or

school districts, is nearly impossible for the average person. You need an experienced and

aggressive Civil Rights attorney to fight for you in these situations.

If you or someone you love has had their civil rights violated, contact me for a free

consultation. I will fight for you in and out of the courtroom and bring you justice and

closure by holding the people who violated your civil rights accountable. I hope you or someone

you love civil rights is never violated. However, it will be my honor and privilege to fight for

you or your loved one in the event that they are.