How will Bailey Law Firm and Attorney Tyler D. Bailey determine the value of my personal injury case?

Every personal injury case is different, and all the facts surrounding your injuries will play a role in determining the value of the case. However, at Bailey Law Firm, Attorney Tyler D. Bailey primarily looks to the following factors to estimate the value of your case:

  1. Damages: What harm was suffered by the injured party? What type of pain and suffering has the injured party sustained as a result of the injury? Were they required to miss a significant amount of work because of the injuries inflicted? Have they suffered emotionally because of the injuries?
  2. Liability: Was the other party at fault for the damages sustained by the injured party? Will it be difficult to establish liability?
  3. Insurance Coverage: Does the at-fault party have insurance that covers the damages inflicted on the injured party? Will the at-faults party’s insurance policy cover all of the damages inflicted on the injured party? If not, does the injured party have insurance of which they could recover under?
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