Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Columbia

If you have been hurt in a wreck, you probably need a personal injury lawyer and here is why. Your focus may be scattered. It’s difficult to deal with your injuries while trying to handle the insurance companies, your wrecked vehicle, and more. Just talking to a personal injury lawyer can help you immediately feel better about everything. You can focus on healing from your injuries and let your lawyer handle the claim details. You’ve heard that it’s important not to make big decisions right after a traumatic event, so let your lawyer help you with that and more. You could say something you later regret. Most people, unless they are lawyers or insurance experts, enter a new world after an accident. What you might have instinctively done in the past could now ruin your case. When the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster calls, you need to let your lawyer handle that call. When you are asked questions about your accident, refer them to your lawyer. Refrain from speaking about the accident and let your lawyer deal with every aspect of the case. Evidence is important. Your case will be built on evidence. That means gathering the below things:

  • The accident report.
  • Photographs and video of the accident.
  • Medical records detailing your injuries and treatment.
  • Witness statements about the accident, your injuries, your emotional trauma, and more.

Proving both that the accident was not your fault and that your damages are valid is important. To that end, count on your lawyer to use the above evidence to work toward that goal. You may be offered a settlement, but you might not know whether it’s a good one or not. Your lawyer will help you arrive at a monetary figure that covers your losses. Lawyers know how much to ask for and how to negotiate for that amount. Many accident victims settle their cases for far too little but those in Columbia who contact the Bailey Law Firm know what they are entitled to be paid. You may not know to ask for future medical expenses.  Not many victims who try to negotiate settlements own their own know to ask for money to cover future treatment costs. After the settlement is agreed on, some victims still need more surgery and other medical treatments. Some, unfortunately, will need a lot more treatment.  Don’t leave out this important form of damage.  You don’t even have to pay to speak to a personal injury lawyer since your consultation is free. To find out more about what a personal injury lawyer will do for you, contact Tyler Bailey of the Bailey Law Firm, an experienced Columbia Personal Injury Attorney.  For your convenience, you can call on the Bailey Law Firm any time of the day or night, any day of the week. Call now and get your case reviewed free of charge.