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People slip and fall due to unsafe conditions on other’s property every day. These falls are caused from, wet floors, damaged stairs and/or sidewalks, spilled substances and numerous other reasons. As a result of these unsafe conditions, innocent victims are many times left with serious injuries and suffer great pain.

Under South Carolina law, businesses and property owners have a responsibility to ensure that people invited on to their property are safe from harm. Because our state places certain duties and responsibilities on business and property owners, they are required to pay for the pain and suffering that injured victims sustain as a result of their negligence.

Generally, South Carolina law requires injured slip and fall victims to prove the following before they are entitled financial compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering:

  1. That the property or business owner had knowledge of the hazardous conditions on their property;
  2. That the property or business owner had sufficient notice to rectify the hazardous conditions; and

Establishing the three prerequisites mentioned above is no easy task. That is why it is critical that injured slip and fall victims retain an attorney who can establish that their injuries were caused by the negligence of a business or property owner so that they can receive the financial compensation that they are entitled.