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Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

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When your loved ones reach a certain age there is a chance that they will need care that you are not able to provide them by yourself.When your loved ones get to this point you will more than likely consider a nursing home or other long-term care facility such as an assisted or independent living facility.Unfortunately, the facilities we trust to take care of our loved ones when they age are often negligent in their care and abuse their residents.

There are several types of elder abuse that are common in nursing home and assisting living facilities.It’s important that you know them so you can identify any signs of abuse that may be occurring to your loved ones:

  • Physical Abuse – This is the most common form of abuse in nursing homes and it generally consists of
    intentional conduct that causes bodily harm such as beating, hitting, shoving, pushing, shaking, force
    feeding, etc.
  • Financial Exploitation – This occurs when a staff member illegally or improperly uses a resident’s
    property or assets.It typically occurs when a staff member steals a resident’s cash, forges their
    signature, signs checks, or improperly executes a resident’s power of attorney or Will.
  • Neglect – Neglect and Abuse in the nursing home context are often used interchangeably.However, neglect is a form abuse.Neglect in the nursing home context is the refusal or the inability to provide a nursing home resident with the level of care they need to continue living a quality life.

There are common signs you should be on the lookout for which can help you identify possible nursing home abuse and neglect.Signs of physical abuse can include bruising, broken bones, lacerations, open wounds, dislocations, sprains, etc.Signs of financial exploitation often include unexplained withdraws from your loved one’s bank accounts, new or unexplained power of attorneys or Wills, and unexplained missing cash, etc.Lastly, signs of neglect frequently include pressure sores, malnutrition, dehydration, along with unsanitary sheets and clothes.Nursing home abuse and neglect can lead to serious injuries and death.

If you believe your loved one was a victim to nursing home abuse or neglect in South Carolina, contact Attorney Tyler D. Bailey for a free consultation. Tyler fights for the rights of nursing home residents and their family members throughout South Carolina by holding the wrongdoers responsible for their actions.