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Catastrophic Injury

catastrophic injury attorney

Catastrophic injury is an unexpected and severe injury or illness that has a detrimental impact on the life of the injured victim.

Catastrophic injuries often leave their victims with permanent injuries such as spinal damage and paralysis. Additionally, many of the repercussions from catastrophic injuries are not felt for years. This is typically the case with minor children whose injuries will effect on them as they grow and reach adulthood. Moreover, catastrophic injuries have a serious impact on victim’s income and may lead to future complications and future loss of earnings.

No amount of financial compensation can truly make victims of catastrophic injures whole. However, it is often the best remedy that is available outside of medical treatment for their injuries. At Bailey Law Firm, our job is to ensure that our catastrophic injury clients are able to hold those responsible for their irresponsible and negligent actions to the fullest extent. We have the requisite knowledge and understanding of the potential long-term effects of these injuries to ensure that our clients receive all of the financial compensation and medical treatment they will need.